15 Things to Do in Fort Saskatchewan This Winter

Fort Saskatchewan is the perfect place to spend a chilly winter’s day. The city has winter festivals, holiday celebrations and indoor and outdoor entertainment.

If you want fun things to do in Fort Saskatchewan in the winter, you’ve come to the right place. If you wish to ice skate on an outdoor pond or spend a weekend shopping at a winter’s market full of local vendors – Fort Saskatchewan has it all.

So, get dressed up in your warm winter gear and check out the list of things to do in Fort Saskatchewan this winter!

Two people cross country skiing. This is one of the best things to do in Fort Saskatchewan this winter.

15 Fun Things to Do in Fort Saskatchewan in the Winter

1. Winter Walk Day

Head down to Fort Saskatchewan’s City Hall on February 1st for a chilly Winter Walk Day. Join several others as you embark on a winter walk through Fort Saskatchewan’s historic Fort Heritage Precinct and Legacy Park before returning to City Hall.

It is truly one of the best winter activities to do in Fort Saskatchewan. This is a one-day event, so mark it on your calendar so you don’t miss out!

Be sure to bring your camera (if it isn’t too cold!) to take pictures at each location and the new downtown mural. 

If you want to see the exact route and find out more information, you can find it here: Winter Walk Day

2. Fly down Fort Saskatchewan’s Hills on a Toboggan

Fort Saskatchewan has some incredible hills that are perfect for toboggans and sledding.

There are loads of hills perfect for families with small children and those who love to whip down snowy hills at super speed. Smaller hills like Westpark Drive Toboggan Hill and Langworthy Toboggan Hill are perfect for people who prefer a slower sled ride.

If you like sledding down hills at high speeds, I recommend heading to the hill accessible through the Fort Saskatchewan Campground. It’s super steep and perfect for thrill seekers looking for fun things to do in Fort Saskatchewan this winter.

So, grab your sled or crazy carpet and head down to one of Fort Saskatchewan’s slippery hills for a day of tobogganing.

If you want to find out the locations of all the hills, check out the map here: Fort Saskatchewan’s Toboggan Hills.

3. Spend a Chilly Afternoon Ice Skating in Fort Saskatchewan This Winter 

Dig out your ice skates and head down to one of Fort Saskatchewan’s many snow bank rinks and boarded rinks for an afternoon of ice skating. Fort Saskatchewan has two outdoor boarded rinks at Mowat Park and the RCMP Park.

If you prefer a snowbank rink, I recommend the Fort Heritage Skating Rink near the Fort Saskatchewan Museum. Christmas lights light it so you can enjoy an evening ice skating session with the family.

The best ice-skating rink in Fort Saskatchewan is on the pond in the West River’s Edge park. The ice skating is excellent and one of my favourite places in the city.

​​4. Cross Country Skiing in Fort Saskatchewan

Spend winter in Fort Saskatchewan gliding through the snowy paths on cross-country skis. There are several paths which are made for cross-country skiing in Fort Saskatchewan’s beautiful River Valley and West Rivers Edge.

With over 13 km of trails, you won’t run out of new trails to explore every time you head out on your skis.

Why not get decked out in warm winter clothing, strap on cross-country skis and head down to the frosty and snow-covered trails around Fort Saskatchewan?

You can rent skis from the Fort Saskatchewan Nordic Ski Club in the West River’s Edge building if you do not have skis.

The Nordic Ski Club also offers classes for kids and adults if you need guidance before heading out on the trails.

5. Take a Snowy Stroll Through Fort Saskatchewan’s River Valley Trails

Fort Saskatchewan does get pretty cold in the winter, but there are still super sunny days filled with blue skies, which makes it easy to get outside – even on the coldest days.

Fort Saskatchewan has many trails throughout the city, including the River Valley and West Rivers Edge. The paths are usually snow-covered but easy to spot as several other people use the paths daily.

A nice brisk walk on a cold day is one of the best things to do in Fort Saskatchewan in the winter.

It can get pretty snowy and slippery, so I recommend getting cleats for your shows or great winter hiking boots!

6. Visit the Fort Heritage Precinct

Head down to the Fort Heritage Precinct this winter for fun outdoor and indoor winter activities in Fort Saskatchewan.

All winter long, the museum has cool events like Winter Sleigh Ride Socials and unique workshops (like pickling and preserving workshops or Metis Brooch Beading) or offers tours of the museum.

Register for one of the many programs they offer at the Fort Heritage Precinct. It’s perfect for people who want to do things in Fort Saskatchewan in the winter but stay nice and toasty warm!

Check out upcoming events here: Fort Saskatchewan Precinct

7. Bring your dog to the Dog Park

Load your dog and head down to the off-leash dog park at West River’s Edge for an hour of fun in the snow. The 15-hectare dog park is open year-round and a great way to help your dog burn off energy this winter. I recommend bringing a ball or making snowballs for your dog to chase.

Warning: This winter activity in Fort Saskatchewan might be more fun for your dog than you.

8. Take a Chilly Art Walk and stop in Art Galleries & City Hall Art Nook

Wander through Fort Saskatchewan and discover all of the local street art that the city has to offer. I recommend walking downtown on a cold wintery day and spotting as many murals as possible.

Fort Saskatchewan also has several bronze sculptures dotted around the city, from the statue of Inspector Jarvis to the Babysitter (a sculpture of a sheepdog guarding a lamb) to the adorable statue of Olive, the sheep on 102nd Street.

The city is full of incredible street art and sculptures, and trying to locate them all is the perfect way to spend a winter’s day in Fort Saskatchewan.

If you need a break from the cold but still want to enjoy art, head down to the City Hall Art Nook and enjoy art from local artists. 

Alternatively, visit one of the art galleries in Fort Saskatchewan, including the Alberta Lottery Fund Art Gallery at the Dow. You can also view art at Dreamcatchers Gift & Art Gallery and Spotlight Gallery.

Stay Warm with These Indoor things to do in Fort Saskatchewan in the Winter

9. Enchanted Forest Sherritt Cultural Pavilion

Do you want to explore a winter wonderland full of beautifully decorated Christmas trees? Head down to the Dow Centennial Centre and visit the enchanted forest. You can wander through trees decorated by local businesses in the Shell Theatre and Sherritt Cultural Pavilion at the Dow.

If you want to check out other places decorated for Christmas in Fort Saskatchewan – you can also see the enchanted forests at the Fort Saskatchewan Public Library and City Hall.

Check out the Enchanted Forests throughout Fort Saskatchewan from November 24th, 2023, to January 7th, 2024.

10. See a Show at Shell Theatre

If you still want to leave the house for an evening but would rather not spend it in the cold, snowy winter weather, you should head down to the Shell Theatre. The theatre presents shows from comedians, musicians, and children’s theatre to holiday shows.

The theatre is a great way to spend an evening in Fort Saskatchewan this winter. There is a show perfect for all ages and always one that everyone in the family will enjoy.

Check out their upcoming shows here: The Shell Theatre

11. Spend a Winter’s Day at the Dow

One of the best things to do in Fort Saskatchewan this winter is to head down to the Dow Centennial Centre. They have loads of activities for adults, children or families.

Whether you want to spend an afternoon with your toddlers playing at the indoor playground or join a fitness class – there is something for everyone.

Be sure to check out their list of activities here: Dow Centennial Centre

12. Spend an Afternoon Bowling at Fort Lanes

Treat yourself to a game of bowling at Fort Saskatchewan’s Fort Lanes Bowling Alley this winter. The bowling alley offers 5-pin or 10-pin bowling as well as virtual golf!

It’s a great way to spend an afternoon or evening on a chilly winter’s day in Fort Saskatchewan.

13. Watch a film at the Fort Cinema 

Fort Saskatchewan has a small but lovely little cinema located on 99th Avenue. The theatre generally shows between 2-3 different films per week, so there is always something new to choose from.

The prices are fantastic, and the theatres are fitted with luxury seating! We all want to recline while watching a film, right? Head down to the Fort Cinema if you are looking for things to do in Fort Saskatchewan in the winter.

If you want to watch a film at home but still have the cinema experience – you can purchase a bag of popcorn from the cinema to take home!

14. Visit the Christmas Marketplace

Prepare for Christmas in Fort Saskatchewan by heading down to the Christmas Market! The market is full of local vendors selling hand-crafted artisan goods, sweets, clothing, homemade treats, and so much more.

It’s the perfect way to spend a winter’s day in Fort Saskatchewan! The Christmas Market takes place on November 25th and 26th, 2023.

Also, be excited because Santa Claus also spends the day at the Christmas Marketplace!

Find out more information here: Christmas Marketplace in Fort Saskatchewan

​​15. City Hall Lights Up

Are you looking for fun things to do in Fort Saskatchewan this winter? Head down to the City Hall Lights Up event for a fun day filled with costumed characters, live music, fire pits and a holiday-themed petting zoo!

Join Mayor Gale Katchur as she reads ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’ while you and your family enjoy a feast of cookies and hot chocolate.

You will also hang out with Santa Claus during the City Hall Lights Up event! And it also marks the start of the Enchanted Forest. This year’s City Hall Lights Up winter activity in Fort Saskatchewan is November 24th, 2023.

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