The Best Ice Cream in Edmonton and Where to Get It!

Are you looking for the best ice cream in Edmonton? Edmonton Is home to some of the best ice cream, from soft serve to weird and unusual flavours to the best vegan ice cream. Edmonton has it all.

Are you looking for unique flavours and the classics? (Who doesn’t love a good chocolate?) From creamy sundaes to the most delectable ice cream sandwiches to gelato to ice cream shops with ever-rotating flavours, you always have something new to try.

These Edmonton ice cream shops will make you happy, and you’ll be counting down the days until you can get ice cream again. Edmonton is truly becoming the hub of artisanal ice cream shops.

The Best Ice Cream in Edmonton for Ice Cream Lovers

1. White Rabbit

What started as a food truck is now home to the best ice cream in Edmonton. White Rabbit opened their permanent location near MacEwan. 

They focus on all nostalgic flavours you were obsessed with as a kid, like Cap’n Crunch flavoured ice cream! This flavour is seasonal, but they constantly bring out new flavours that will take you back to your childhood.

The best ice cream in Edmonton - two sweet waffle cones filled with ice cream
Photo via White Rabbit’s Facebook Page

The shop is super cute. Everything is vibrant and pink. They have a few seats inside and benches outside so you can stop and enjoy your cone. Their ice cream is rich in flavour, with every taste making your taste buds jump for you. However, the ice cream is less sweet than in other places, which is perfect if you prefer a lighter, airier taste.

Not only is the ice cream some of the best in Edmonton, but the service is impeccable. They are incredibly friendly and personable. Each staff member and the owner will make you feel incredibly welcome.

This place is an absolute gem, and I recommend visiting them. I recommend trying their Cookie Monster flavour inside of a crispy waffle cone. They also cater to vegans with a mango sorbet.

You can find White Rabbit at 10546 110 St NW.

2. Kind Ice Cream

Head down to Kind Ice Cream to get some of the best tasting artisanal ice creams in Edmonton. They make high-quality ice cream in small batches with permanent and seasonal flavours.

Some of the rotating flavours this year were a bannock & prairie berry, and they had a Dunkaroos flavour in April! They were both incredible!

If you are looking for recommendations for flavours that are always available, I recommend trying the chocolate milk flavour – it’s super creamy, flavourful and hands down a 10 out of 10. The dairy-free flavour I recommend is the salted almond fudge.

Their ice cream is rich, creamy and packed with flavour. I also recommend getting your ice cream in one of their waffle cones – they are so tasty, and as they are freshly made, it makes the entire ice cream shop smell delicious.

The staff is super friendly and accommodating – especially if you have allergies. They have loads of information on the ice cream that will meet your dietary needs. Kind Ice Cream has many vegan and gluten-free flavours so that everyone can enjoy a sweet treat!

You can find Kind Ice Cream located at Ritchie, Highlands and Oliver.

3. Made By Marcus

If you’ve ever heard someone talking about where to get ice cream in Edmonton, you surely have heard people gush over Made By Marcus.

They are a gourmet ice cream shop located in the Brewery District with another location on Whyte Ave. Their ice cream is made from fresh ingredients from local farmers and distillers, so you know the quality is top-notch.

The best thing about Made by Marcus is the array of unique flavour combinations that anyone would be intrigued by. They have new flavours every month, including seasonal tastes, so be sure to stop by often to try their latest creation.

woman holding an ice cream cone with green and white ice cream.
Photo via Made by Marcus’s Facebook Page

Some of their more unusual flavours include a peach blackberry habanero ice cream. I recommend trying their lemon curb blueberry and the malted chocolate honeycomb. They are so good! They also have Taco Tuesdays, where you can get ice cream tacos! The tacos are decadent and filled with soft-serve ice cream inside.

The locations (both of them) are modern and sleek, with an atmosphere that can’t be beaten. There is also a decent amount of seating inside and outside to enjoy your ice cream in the sun or inside the vibrant and colourful shop.

If you are looking for free things to do in Edmonton – I recommend walking down Whyte Avenue on a self-guided street art walk as you eat your ice cream.

You can find Made By Marcus in the Brewery District and on Whyte Avenue.

4. Yelo’d Ice Cream & Bake Shoppe

If you love Filipino ice cream, check out Yelo’d Ice Cream. They serve soft-serve ice cream with loads of unique flavours, including ube. Which not only tastes great but makes the ice cream a beautiful purple colour.

You must also try their ice cream sandwiches; the warm chocolate rice pudding with soft serve is fantastic. The shop is super cute, and the staff are very friendly. However, the shop is so popular that there is always a line. The ice cream is definitely worth the wait, though!

Yelo’d is so good that I included it as one of the best desserts in Edmonton!

You can find Yelo’d Ice Cream at 10324 82 Ave NW, Unit 101

5. Annie Rue Ice Cream

Annie Rue Ice Cream is located in Edmonton’s Parkallen neighbourhood. The ice cream is some of Edmonton’s freshest, creamiest, and tastiest. They have a large variety of flavours that change monthly, including a few delicious vegan options.  

The patio area is the best in Edmonton as you sit on their chairs or picnic tables directly under a canopy of mature trees that keep you cool in the shade. If you prefer sitting inside you will love the atmosphere – the staff are very friendly and will answer any questions.

Delicious raspberry sorbet in a cone in front of Annie Rue's in Edmonton.
Photo via Annie Rue’s Facebook Page

I highly recommend getting your hands on the wild blueberry flavour or the lemon cream pie. They are both so decadent and delicious you could eat them daily.

One perk to Annie Rue compared to many other ice cream shops on this list is the abundance of parking available. It’s all street parking, but finding a parking spot is pretty easy.

You can find Annie Rue Ice Cream at 6531 111 St NW.

6. La Carraia Gelaterie Cafe

If you are looking for the best gelato in Edmonton, you must visit La Carraia Gelaterie Café.

The ice cream shop on Jasper Avenue will make you feel like you’ve stepped into Italy without leaving Edmonton.

The ice cream is crafted with a delicious and authentic recipe from Florence. There are seriously so many flavours to choose from, but I must recommend my personal favourite. You should try the orange chocolate and the crème caramel! They are so good!

Other flavours include coffee, dark chocolate raspberry, tiramisu, and more. The texture is unbelievably smooth and creamy, and they have loads of vegan options of sorbetto with tons of different flavours.

You can find La Carraia Gelaterie Café at 10067 109 St NW

7. Drizzle Ice Cream

If you love soft serve dipped in a delicious sauce (which hardens to a shell) and features flavours like strawberry, birthday cake and orange sherbet, I recommend checking out Drizzle Ice Cream.

Two people holding ice cream cones with soft serve dipped in a flavoured hard shell.
Photo via Drizzle Ice Cream’s Facebook Page

The shop is located just off of Whyte Ave and features creamy and delicious Belgian dipped ice cream loaded with customizable toppings. They have an array of out-of-this-world flavours, and you can choose vanilla, chocolate or swirl ice cream with your choice of dip.

Drizzle Ice Cream has more than just dipped ice cream. They have delectable sundaes, waffles and the best milkshakes in Edmonton. Almost everything can be customized; this place is truly a hidden gem.

Find Drizzle Ice Cream at 10322 81 Ave NW

8. Twice Cream

Twice Cream is a cute little shop located across from Westmount Park. The ice cream has a great selection of unique flavours, including Tres Leches (try this one!) and a vegan banana honeycomb flavour.

A waffle cone of ice cream in front of Twice Ice Cream
Photo via Twice Cream’s Facebook Page

The building has a beautiful interior and outside. The space is really cool and has a nice, clean and comfortable patio where you can sit and enjoy your ice cream.

There is only a tiny indoor seating due to space, but I still recommend checking out the shop after you get your ice cream before settling outside. They have ice cream merch! Plus, there are a lot of really cool decorations all over the place.

Find Twice Cream at 10983 127 St NW

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