19 Fun Things to Do in Calgary for Adults

Are you looking for fun things to do in Calgary for adults? Do you want to explore the zoo or Telus Spark without the sounds of screaming children echoing through the air? Try one of these fun activities in Calgary for adults on your next night out.

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19 Fun Things to Do in Calgary for Adults

Updated: July 3, 2024

1. Wild After Hours – Calgary Zoo

Calgary Zoo has some really fun things to do in Calgary for Adults. The zoo features fun activities and events a couple of times a month where you can explore the zoo after hours.

Past events have included Locked Zoo, a two-hour escape game where you would wander through the zoo trying to solve a series of puzzles.

Quite a few adult-only events are already scheduled for 2024, with the next being Locked Zoo: Jumbled Jungles (18+) in July, Wild After Hours: Corks for Conservation (18+) and Wild After Hours: Drag Dinner (18+) in August, followed by the murder mystery ZooDunnit in October.

Check out future events at the zoo if you are looking for fun activities in Calgary for adults at Wild After Hours here.

2. Adults-only Night at Telus Spark – Spark After Dark

Telus Spark Science Centre has loads of fun things for adults to do in Calgary. Telus Spark is cool as hell, but exploring without the sounds of screaming children is even better.

What should you expect? A full bar featuring themed cocktails, delicious snacks, and a show at the Infinity Dome.

Plus, the entire science centre is open, so you can finally get up close and personal with everything children usually play with—no fighting off small children while trying to check out one of the exhibits.

The next event is Body Mod, which takes place in August. Then, look forward to Killer Psyche in October and Sparks Greatest Hits in December.

Check out the Adults Only Night at Telus Spark here.

3. Watch a Movie at an Adult Only Theatre in Calgary

Did you know that an adult-only luxury theatre exists in Calgary? It does! 

The University District VIP Cineplex has upscale modern décor and a full restaurant, service bar, and food inside the theatre. Watching a film at the theatre is cozy, as the seats have footrests, seat warmers, and adjustable headrests.

It’s a bit pricy, but it’s one of the best child-free things to do in Calgary – even if you only go a couple of times a year.

4. Watch Classical Music by Candlelight

Spend the evening enjoying the sweet sounds of classical music with hundreds of candles as your only light source. Candlelight Concerts feature a local string quartet, solo pianist, or orchestra performing an hour of tunes.

Most concerts allow children 8 to 16 years old to attend with adult accompaniment.  However, chances are you’ll be fine as it doesn’t seem like an activity a younger kid would be into.

I’ve only been to the Vivaldi Four Seasons in Edmonton, but no children attended the concert. The only concerts that may appeal to children are Halloween or Christmas-themed music concerts. I recommend attending a show if you want things to do for Christmas in Calgary.

Book here: Candlelight Concerts in Calgary

5. Visit Calgary Bowling Alleys for Adult-Only Bowling

If you want to enjoy a night of fun at one of Calgary’s Bowling Alleys without the background noise of screaming children, I recommend heading to The Banquet or The National on the 10th. Both venues have bowling alleys, delicious food and drinks, and arcade games. Plus, both venues become adult-only from 8 or 9 pm every night.

6. Adult-Only Roller Skating in Calgary

Head down to House of Skate every Friday night between 9:00 pm and midnight for the adult night or every Sunday from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm for the Adult Only Soul Sundays. House of Skate has roller skate and safety gear available for rent.

They also have adult-only roller skating lessons for people interested in learning how to skate.

Find out more here: House of Skate

7. Friday Night Throw Downs – Pottery Nights!

Head down to Mud Potters for an evening of throwing pots. Every Friday night between 6:30 and 8:30 p.m., you can learn the basics of making your own pottery on a pottery wheel. This is one of the best things to do in Calgary for adults, and it is perfect for going on a solo date or taking a friend or your partner for a night of unique fun in Calgary.

Find out more here: Mud Potters

8. Go on Brewery Tours & Tastings in Calgary

If you love beer, I recommend taking one of the best brewery tours in Calgary. You can go on several tours with Canadian Craft Tours. You can also take tours at Minhas Brewery, the Big Rock Brewery, Wild Rose Brewery, and Village Brewery.

I also recommend taking a tour where you get to admire street art while sipping on some beer.

Book here: Calgary: Street Art & Craft Beer Walking Tour with Tasting.

9. Take an Adults Art Class

Whether you are interested in glass blowing, painting, photography, book arts, or any other creative hobby, the Alberta University of the Arts has something for you. They have several classes for adults who want to commit to a course for a few weeks.

Learn more here: Adult Only Classes at Alberta University of the Arts

10. Adults Only Night at Cobb’s Adventure Park

Spend a night exploring Cobb’s Adventure Park with friends or on a date during one of their adult-only events. You can wander through the adventure park, where you will feed baby goats and hang out with kangaroos.

Then, spend the rest of the night partying with one of their many adult-only events! The adult-night events are constantly changing, so check out what event is next on their website here.

11. Milk the Goats at Butterfield Acres Petting Farm

Visit Butterfield Acres Petting Farm for the Barnyard Babies Date Night event! The only babies I want to be hanging out with are animal babies!

Some animals you can meet are bunnies, chicks, and horses, and you can bottle-feed lambs and goats. It is seriously fun, and I highly recommend spending your next date at a petting farm.

This adult-only activity in Calgary is only open in the spring, so mark it on your calendars if you have already missed this year’s date night.

Find out more here: Butterfield Acres Date Nights.

12. Play Arcade Games at The Rec Room

Alright, the Rec Room no longer has adult-only evenings, which is very sad; however, they are open late on Fridays and Saturdays. 

I recommend heading to the Rec Room on Fridays and Saturday nights after 10 pm for some late-night VR arcade games with a side of beer and snacks! 

Chances are there won’t be super young kids hanging around this late, so it’s a pretty safe bet for an evening of fun activities in Calgary for adults.

13. Perfume & Tincture Making Workshops

Have you ever wanted to make your own perfume or tincture? With a wide selection of scents, you will enjoy an evening creating a perfect custom blend while exploring aroma chemistry.

Not only is it a unique thing to do in Calgary, it is a fun workshop perfect for a night out with friends or taking yourself on a solo date.

The workshops are for ages 12+, but I contacted Ol Facto, and they said that they rarely get underage participants unless a child is coming with their parents.

Book here: Perfume Making Workshop at Ol Facto

14. Play Games at Activate

Activate Calgary is one of the best things to do in Calgary for adults if you want to act like a kid. Games range from the Mega Grid, Laser, Press, Strike, Hoops and more.

Each room is for you and your friends so no children will be in your group. However, children are allowed at Activate locations, so it’s not totally child-free. It’s worth it, though, seeing as each room is private!

15. Play Arcade Games at Greta

Spending the night at Greta is one of my favourite activities for adults in Calgary. The bar is full of arcade games that take you back to your childhood. However, you get to enjoy delicious street-style food and beer.

My favourite games are The Simpsons, Pac-Man, and Donkey Kong. It doesn’t get much better than this for nostalgic vibes and a lack of children.

16. Try to Escape in The Locked Room

If you are still into escape rooms, spend an hour or two at The Locked Room in Calgary. This is another place that does allow children; however, each escape room is for you and your group only.

The Locked Room has 12 escape rooms ranging from easy to difficult. One of the best things is you can have a group of two! We all know how difficult it can be to plan an evening with other adults, right? So it’s great if it’s just two of you – it just means there is less brain power to escape, though!

17. Spend a Night Throwing Axes

Is it really a “fun things to do for adults” post if I don’t include axe throwing? I enjoy axe throwing, and children are not allowed inside. I guess children and weapons don’t mix very well.

There are a few locations around Calgary, including Axe Throwing Calgary, BATL Axe Throwing and Axe Games.

Axe Games also has snacks and alcohol, including nachos, nuggets and loads of beer.

18. Go on a Zombie Scavenger Hunt in Calgary

Take a self-guided tour through Calgary, trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. The tour consists of zombie-themed challenges where you must complete challenges and find survival items around the city. 

This is a private activity with you and your friends. The scavenger hunt is completed through an app on your phone, and it’s a fun, unique thing to do in Calgary. This is also a great activity to spend on Halloween in Calgary.

Book here: Unique Scavenger Hunt by Zombie Scavengers

19. Adult Nights at Youthlink Calgary

If you would like to learn about the history of crime, crime prevention, and true crime in Calgary, spend an evening at one of the Adult Nights at Youthlink. The Calgary Police Interpretive Centre often throws adult-only events in Calgary, which is perfect for people interested in Canada’s crime history.

Youthlink Calgary also has loads of free things to do in Calgary if you want to visit the interpretive centre without spending any cash.

Find out more information about the next event here: Youthlink Aduly Only Nights

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