9 Best Milkshakes in Edmonton

Whether in the middle of summer or on one of the coldest days of winter, Edmontonions are always up for heading out to enjoy a classic tasty milkshake. 

If you are looking for a nostalgic experience or want a milkshake decorated with cereal or cotton candy and topped with the most delicious whipped cream, there is a place in Edmonton where you will find the perfect milkshake.

While there are several places to get a good milkshake around town, the ones listed below are Edmonton’s highest-quality, most unique, and most delicious shakes.

Check out the 9 best milkshakes in Edmonton and where to find them.

Four delicious ice creams in glass cups - the best milkshakes in Edmonton.

The 9 Best Milkshakes in Edmonton

1. D Spot Dessert Cafe

D Spot Dessert Cafe has incredibly decadent milkshakes that will become a favourite spot in Edmonton for milkshake lovers. Not only are the milkshakes served in aesthetically pleasing glass cups (don’t worry, you can also get them to go), but they come in loads of different flavour combinations.

The Milkshakes include delicious, over-the-top flavour combinations like Lotus Cookie Butter, Banoffee, and My BFF, a fusion of strawberry ice cream and fresh banana. D Spot also has a candy bar milkshake, which is vanilla ice cream combined with a choice of candy, such as Smarties, Reeses, Kit Kat, and more, topped with whipped cream.

Four different flavours of milkshakes from D Spot in Edmonton.
Photo via D Spot’s Facebook Page

I recommend getting the Kid in Me milkshake featured in the image above. It is made with birthday cake ice cream topped with whipped cream, cotton candy, and sprinkles. Does that not sound like the best milkshake flavour ever? If you don’t want something as sweet, they also have flavours, including Wake Me Up Vanilla, Twisted Chocolate, and a Strawbery Cheesecake milkshake.

D Spot Dessert Cafe is also one of the best places to get dessert in Edmonton. I recommend one of their dessert-style waffles, complete with a donut on top.

Where to find them: 3803 Calgary Trail NW #540

2. Rockin’ Robyn’s

Head to the retro diner Rockin’ Robyn’s and treat yourself to one of the best milkshakes in Edmonton. Their milkshakes are incredibly delicious, and you get a huge portion to enjoy fully. 

The handcrafted milkshakes are made with Chapman’s ice cream, milk, and whipped cream, with a maraschino cherry on top. They are a dairy lover’s dream! You can get flavours, including peanut butter banana, salted caramel coffee, blueberry, mango, and peanut butter chocolate.

A vanilla milkshake from Rockin Robyn's - one of the best milkshakes in Edmonton.
Photo via Rockin Robyn’s Facebook Page

The small retro-style diner is stunning, clean, and has a fantastic atmosphere. It has red chairs, black-and-white flooring, and booths straight out of the 1950s. If you want a good experience and a delicious milkshake, Rockin’ Robyn’s is one of the best places in Edmonton to get one.

Rockin’ Robyns is also one of the places to get the best breakfast in Edmonton! The only downfall is that it is always busy, so you may have to wait a bit before enjoying your tasty treat.

Where to find them: 16604 109 Ave NW

3. Route 99 Diner

Step back in time by drinking a nostalgic and delicious milkshake at the Route 99 Diner. The milkshakes come in classic flavours, including chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch, and strawberry. Plus, each milkshake is served in a retro glass cup (or an icy cold metal one), taking you back to the 1950s to share a milkshake with your best girl.

Route 99 Diner is one of Edmonton’s hidden gems and features some of the best milkshakes in Edmonton for people looking for a retro twist.

Where to find them: 8820 99 St NW

4. Yelo’d Ice Cream and Bake Shoppe

Yelo’d Ice Cream is the best place in Edmonton to get a good milkshake if you’re vegan or lactose intolerant. Call them before you head down to find out which vegan flavours they are currently serving if you want to know what to expect. The vegan milkshakes are made with either coconut or oat milk.

With flavours ranging from the classic to the incredibly unique, many options are available, but the Ube Milkshake has to be the best. They even do spooky Ube milkshakes around Halloween!

A spooky milkshake in Edmonton.
Photo via Yelo’d Ice Cream’s Facebook Page

The milkshakes at Yelo’d are made with premium handcrafted ice cream, and the flavours include chocolate milk, vanilla, strawberry, cherry, peanut butter, coffee, and more. 

If you want to enjoy more dairy after your milkshake, Yelo’d Ice Cream and Bake Shoppe has the best ice cream in Edmonton.

Where to find them: 10324 82 Ave NW Unit 101

5. Drizzle Ice Cream

Did you know that one of Edmonton’s best places to find ice cream is also home to insanely delicious milkshakes?

Drizzle Ice Cream is known for its incredible ice cream and unique flavours. While the ice cream is amazing, their milkshakes are to die for. They are fun and great tasting and offer classic shakes like strawberry, chocolate, vanilla and Oreo.

Two milkshakes from Drizzle Ice Cream.
Photo via Drizzle Ice Cream’s Facebook Page

Its milkshakes are hand-crafted and topped with real whipped cream, making them fun and great to taste. What makes Drizzle home to some of the best milkshakes in Edmonton? 

Their cereal shakes! You can try a milkshake with your favourite cereal, including Lucky Charms, Froot Loops, Cap’n Crunch, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Fruity Pebbles and more. I recommend getting your milkshake to go and doing one of the many free things to do in Edmonton.

Where to find them: 10322 81 Ave NW

6. Sylv’s On-Site Retro Diner 

One of Edmonton’s best places to get milkshakes is Sylv’s On-Site Retro Diner. Not only are the milkshakes great quality and great tasting, but a trip to Sylv’s can be the perfect day out as the restaurant is inside Yesterday’s Auto Gallery.

The milkshakes are some of the best old-fashioned classic shakes you can get in Edmonton. Located inside a car museum, the 50s-style diner is the perfect place to take a date or the whole family out for a fun day in Edmonton.

If you aren’t interested in visiting the museum, home to over 100 classic cars on display, with a car as old as 1926, you can still visit Sylv’s and sip on their amazing milkshakes.

Where to find them: 8707 51 Ave NW

7. Hathaway’s Diner

Edmonton’s classic Hathaway’s Diner serves incredibly delicious milkshakes and provides the perfect ambiance for a cozy afternoon treat.

The milkshakes are served in decorated glasses filled to the brim with delicious flavours, including strawberry, chocolate or fun flavours like Oreo, cinnamon bun and french toast. Each milkshake is topped with whipped cream and sprinkles, which tastes delicious and looks great.

a oreo shake in a glass cup topped with whipped cream and cotton candy
Photo via Hathaway’s Instagram

The service is exceptional, but the space is quite small—there are roughly 14 tables—so you may have to wait to get your milkshake fix. Plus, Hathaway’s is not open in the evenings, so stop by midday to get one of the best milkshakes in Edmonton.

Parking can be difficult, but once you find a spot, it’ll be worth it for a Hathaway’s Diner milkshake.

Where to find them: 13225 132 St NW

8. Wayback Burgers

Located in Edmonton’s Greishbach neighbourhood, Wayback Burgers is known for having the best hand-dipped milkshakes in Edmonton.

Each milkshake is made with ice cream and milk and handcrafted to order. Delicious flavours include classics like strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, and cookies and cream.

I highly recommend trying the Oreo Mud Pie milkshake or the Black & White Shake. Both are sweet and creamy and will satisfy your milkshake craving.

Wayback Burgers also has locations on Jasper Avenue, Ellerslie Road, and 175th Street & 100 Avenue.

Where to find them: 9910 137 Ave NW #101

9. Peters’ Drive-In 

Head to Peters’ Drive-In to try one of their classic milkshakes. The classic fast food drive-in restaurant has an almost infinite selection of flavours to make your unique milkshake flavour.

Flavours include fruit options, sweets (like caramel and bubble gum) and unique flavours like rootbeer. I recommend a classic chocolate milkshake with Oreo and caramel. It is delicious and one of the best milkshakes in Edmonton.

I also recommend enjoying a side of their tasty fries alongside your milkshake.

Where to find them:  5151 Calgary Trail NW

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